Thursday, 4 March 2010

Turning My Seaside Bounty into Useful and Attractive Things.

Do you remember me saying I liked the beach with the old bricks on ….
Well, I bought four of the bricks back home with me because I had an idea ….
Picture 072
I made candles holders with them !
Picture 070
I am sure that Her Majesty the Queen would feel immensely proud to have such candle sticks gracing her banquetting table whilst entertaining various Heads of State or indeed her own dear family on private occassions at Windsor.  If I go back to Southport I will collect a few more - that will sort out several birthday and Christmas presents!


Chris G said...

You must have had such patience looking for bricks with holes in, or did you get someone to drill them for you?

Mr.D said...

Are the holes all the way through? Useful and lucky?