Saturday, 27 March 2010

Spring Is Sprung

Spring Is Sprung
Aren’t crocuses BRILLIANT?!!!!!!
White Crocus


YorkshireKaren said...

Monkey, you look so lovely surrounded by crocuses. Or is it crocii, I'm never sure!
Please please please can you tell me where you bought your gorgeous cardi from? My monkey Alfie is dressed in a very fetching build a bear polo shirt, but I took him to Eden Camp with me last week (I drive the school minibus sometimes) and he did get a bit chilly! Thank you Monkey x

Deborah said...

The flowers look very pretty. We had a very special delivery this morning. Jacques arrived, he was a bit grumpy as he was wrapped in a supermarket carrier bag and then stuffed into a brown envelope. Not the normal way for him to travel, he is already well loved and we will be going out clothes shopping as soon as possible.
Not sure if he could be a distant relative of yours. xxx

Mr. D said...

Don't sit there too long M or you will have a crocus up yer bum.