Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Because We’re Gorgeous …..

Tie Dye Shirts.Adam the Science Boffin has finished our tie dye shirts and we are overwhelmed as they are totally wonderful!HELLO photo shootAs soon as I got them home Darrell and I threw caution to the wind and held an impromptu Hello magazine type photo shoot dans le jardin de chez nous, daring even to risk casting off Darrell’s sling for a short while so that the full effect of the shirts could be fully appreciated.
Switttt Swooooo ….. and I have to confess that our poses seemed to get more and more relaxed as we began to feel at ease in front of the camera.
Because You're GorgeousWe went from sultry and mysterious …….Exclusive Hello magazine ……….. to gay abandon!Manly PoseWe got a lot of our poses from David Beckham, for which we thank him.
WGHS Adam Science Boffin
We feel that once these pictures go viral on the interweb a modeling contract with The Betty Ford Model Agency will surely be in the bag!  However we shall consider all offers proffered!


tilly said...

WOW boys...... your shirts are just magnificent!! Well done the science boffin.... and the posing is beyond words lol

Anonymous said...

You are truly looking gorgeous...such great colours.....LOVE the poses...soooo professional..Much love..Dianne

MorningAJ said...

How smart are you two? You look gorgeous.

marc said...

you are naturals and they would look good at pride i love them big love marc

Mr.D said...

I think Marc and Hugh could give advice about the media and how to get in the magazines. They could teach you poses and showbiz waves.
Takes me back to the sixties.

Anonymous said...

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