Friday, 29 June 2012

Our Village Under Flood!

Yesterday morning had a very spooky Derek Acorah type feeling to it, though it was about ten o’clock in the morning it was almost dark, there were ominous rumblings in the sky and suddenly as we were watching Jeremy Kyle the satellite link cut out ......that’s when we knew it was serious!
garden in a storm
Then the rains came ……
….. and Nigel being Nigel thought it was his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one ….. and since it was a rare occurance of a metrological type nature we indulged him and let him “express himself” in the deluge!
…… by letting him sit under the “waterfall” under the kitchen window
Blibrook 28.06.12 Floods
Then we thought we could hear some commotion coming from the road outside and found that the centre of the village was underwater …..
It was unbelievable…..
Puddle surfing in Bilbrook
…… like something from the Man From Atlantis (but not salty water).
28.06.12 Bilbrook Flooded
Whichever way you looked the village was flooded under about two feet of water ….. including the shops in the parade, including  and our favourite papershop
Bilbrook underwater Nigel wanted to build an Ark, worrying about the stranded poodles etc. in the Pet Grooming Parlour …..
Bilbrook 28th June 2012
The girls from Lloyds Chemist donned flourescent jackets and diverted the traffic while the men from the village stopped and watched and took photos!
Flooded Bilbrook
In the end the fire engines came to block off the main road and attempt to rescue two cars that were well and truly stuck in the middle of it all.
Cars in Bilbrook floods
As we gossiped chatted amongst the other village folk no one could ever remember an event like this ….. and all because of ten minutes of rain!


Anonymous said...

Yep it's been pretty bad here. I've never seen the like, in all my life long days - and there have been a few!
However unlike Nigel i did not sit under the kitchen window, I watched the deluge from the upstairs window.
Happy days! JantheFan

qwiksave said...

Our town flooded in 1998 and the thing that was good about it was the community spirit it brought out in people (including the gossiping..)

The flooding can be awful for the small businesses that suffer because of it though.

Our satellite signal went off too and we had thunder and heavy rain but not as bad as yours.

marc said...

It was hot and sunny in london Nigel looked like he was having fun i can see him bulding a Ark it might take a little while thoe and may be the waters will be gone by then big love marc

Mr.D said...

I would love to see a deluge of biblical proportions where I am. It has rained three times in a year and these times were minimal showers.

Anonymous said...

Nigel never fails to surprise and guarantee a good laugh! He does seem to have crossed the line into a full blown water obsession.....all while wearing his casual but dress up shirt....Hope the water recedes pronto..Love you ..Dianne

Anonymous said...

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