Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fully Loaded Hotdog

After Nigel’s faux pas in mistaking the public hostelry over the road’s King Combo Grill for a King Creole Tribute Night, Granddad Colin decided to treat the little fella to a slap up meal and give Darrell and me a bit of respite!
The Woodman Bilbrook
To say Nigel was robustly excited is a slight understatement as he has had spent most of the afternoon perusing the menu online with Darrell so that he could ask for his dish of choice whilst giving the waiting staff the impression that he could actually read the menu! 
Woodman Flaming Grills
His chosen comestible was the Fully Loaded Hotdog ……
fully loaded Hotdog
Granddad tried to gently persuade him that at 12 inches the black pepper sausage was almost twice as long as Nigel (when laid out in all his entirety) but Nigel could not be dissuaded…..
Fully Loaded Hotdog.
Now, to me, an experienced reviewer, Nigel’s dish of choice was more reminiscent of a dogs breakfast than hot dog, but Nigel assured me it was “delish”, also stating that in his opinion his sausage length was grossly underestimated, and was nearer the 18 inch mark on the sausage Richter scale.
Stripy chair
Granddad Colin remarked that Nigel’s appetite was truly staggering, but added that Nigel had requested that he was left to sit very still for a while and politely declined dessert!  Dyspepsia anyone?


Anonymous said...

I will refrain on making any comment on the satisfaction of the size of one's sausage, but Nigel you obviously got a big one there. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this is a case of fully loaded Nigel! Did he need help getting out the door?? Oh my, hope he can get through the night without major tummy troubles..Thinking of you..Dianne

marc said...

rick would love that hot dog i myself did not like the look of it and it would give me heartburn just looking at it big love marc

Di said...

Oh dear, Nigel is gonna totally explode one day! Spread over several counties I expect at the rate he's going :( Di xx

Mr.D said...

My mother would say that his eyes are bigger than his belly.

Anonymous said...

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