Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nigel Gains Gainful Employment!

Nigel’s got a job!  He decided to take the bull by it’s horns and grasp the kettle metal nettle by taking his Curriculum Vitae round to the Cook Lady in the Kitchen who already has a mahoooosive soft spot for him  mainly due to his voracious and appreciative appetite for all her dishes,be they hot or cold, sweet or savoury, he’s tried them all, liked them ALL and always goes back for seconds (and thirds!)
Keeping His CoolThe Cook Lady has taken him on to monitor the stock control of the ice cream cabinet, a very fortuitous responsibility considering the extremely clement weather we are currently enjoying.
What is he likeNigel’s main responsibility is to make sure that there are enough cold comestibles for each days services, that the Space Ice Batons are all frozen solid and there are enough plastic spoons for the ice cream tubs.  As he progresses up the career ladder the Cook Lady says she may allow him to go on ice cream fact finding missions!Space Ice BatonsWe are so robustly and mahoooosively proud of Nigel and his initiative ….. what can we say? To quote Lord Sir Alan Sugar “Nigel, your hired!”


Anonymous said...

I'll have a Fab lolly please Nigel.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Nigel on your outstanding initiative. Years from now when you are a major force in the food world, owner of a 3 star Michelin, a leader in the world of confectionary, and designer of restaurant equipment, you can write your autobiography and enthrall everyone with your days as a young lad who took the bull by the horns and embarked on your remarkable career. I know your family is proud. Much admiration here..Love from Dianne

marc said...

well done you who would have it that little Nigel would be the first to go get a new job it shows a determination in you that will take you far in life we also like your choice of ice cream wearing t shirt and you do have some nice woolly jumpers you can wear to and if poss could i have a screwball with a blue bubble gum ball in please big love marc

marc said...

I am sure Mr D is going to have a few things to say Nigel he is a man of great wisdom so his advice i feel you should take big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Marc/Hugh - thank you for your kind words.
I was wondering if Nigel can resist the temptation of trying the stock to make sure they are all OK.
Cook Lady's stock taking would be all out and Nigel would get a big belly.
I haven't lived in the UK for eight years but didn't Jamie Oliver try to get healthy school meals? No fizzy drinks etc?
Was Nigel stock still when the photo was taken?

Di said...

Snorted coffee over the keyboard here yet again - as soon as I saw the title of this post I KNEW it would involve food! Hope Nigel's jeans have an elasticated waist :)

Di xx

tilly said...

Nigel, if you come across any almond Magnums I can help you out with stock control!
Well done on your new job with cook lady

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