Friday, 22 June 2012

Malourdous Whiffs On Our Way To Work

Mon Dieu quelle whiff!  It's very fortuitous indeed that computers don't exude pungent aromas, because believe you me this post would make your eyes water ....... and for once I don't mean Nigel ....!
Every morning we pass the same certain spot on our way to work, and every morning we are overwhelmed by the most malodorous pong that always seems to permeate from under the foliage.
At first, I will admit I did suspect Nigel ........ but after consulting my Encyclopedia Of Pungent Plants I now think it may be stinkwort ....... because not even Nigel can erm ..... concentrate his emissions with such precise regulatory, much as he would aspire too!!
And....... if it was him,  I think I I would have to consult Dr Pixie from "Embarrassing Bodies" as this smell is not human normal ........ pwoooarrrrrrr!


Di said...

Personally, I'd still check Nigel's diet. Only sayin' :) Di xx

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, a mysterous odor.....the plot thickens..literally, smellwise..not Nigel, surely...but just in case, better double his bath salts and bubble bath, hopefully it is external and a fresh scent will come wafting from his direction!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Poor Nigel - cut down his diet of baked beans, sprouts and cabbage to see how things go.