Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Chinese Prediction Of A Derek Acorah Type Nature?

Two young ladies came into the office yesterday where I am currently helping out stamping new text books and while they were waiting for some file paper they asked if I would like to have a go with their Chinese fortune sticks ….
Chinese Fortune Sticks
You are supposed to shake the tube they are in gently and the one that protrudes the most is your prophetic stick of destiny …..
Chinese Fortune Sticks.So I shook gently and made a wish ….. realising that I’d got it all wrong, and felt a little foolish …..
Chinese Fortune Stick.
However, between giggles the girls sorted me out and finally my stick was revealed, predicting that  “You must make an important decision by yourself”  which gave me chills, that, to quote the song “were multiplying”  …….. because I realised that my next job was to go to the canteen to get my lunch ….. and I always have difficulty in choosing between a BLT baguette and the spam bap with extra tomato and diet mayo …… so my predictive Chinese stick was correct …… how very, very  spooky!


marc said...

you see some times you have to poke things with a stick to get a answer big love marc

MorningAJ said...

Spam bap! Or maybe you should have had Chinese food because of your sticks.

qwiksave said...

I got some of those recently. My son picked one out and got a splinter from the stick! lol.

Anonymous said...

Spooky, but you can't go wrong when choosing between two favourites...that's always a good thing!..Dianne

Di said...

Have both - Nigel would, given half a chance! Di xx

Mr.D said...

What about an old fashioned, traditional school dinner?
Spotted dick anyone?

Anonymous said...

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