Friday, 27 February 2015

A Spooky Feeling In My Waters

I think I may have got Nigel's bug for finding things!!!!! Yesterday I spotted a fallen star on the pavement on my way to work   …………….
….. and although I am not usually one for much frothy or whimsical thought, I have to admit that I did have, as Darrell would say  “a funny  feeling in my waters”  that this could be a sign of a spooky type nature of an impending something?
I gazed up to see if there were any more stars to follow …..
…… but there was only this one……..
….. so, I decided it would perhaps be best to leave it where it had fallen, but  at the same time made the robustly conscious decision to make a considered purchase of a euro millions ticket for tonight’s lottery draw …..  just in case the stars appearance to me and ensuing aforementioned feeling in my waters was of a prophetic significance, how could I  forgive myself for not acting upon it if my numbers came up?


Mr.D said...

Very wise to leave it.
Perry Como sang: Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, not a fallen star.

Anonymous said...

......and should one be fortunate to win the aforementioned euro millions one would hope one should not forget ones faithful blog followers without whom one or three would not be stars at all !!! :) JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Its a sign-defo! Especially with the big money available to win tonight which I hope to claim. Good luck if you decide to purchase a ticket.


Anonymous said...

A whole trail of fallen stars would be lovely, but a single star must have a special "meant just for you" significance! ....oh, the possibilities a euro millions ticket brings to mind......perhaps a nice little villa in Greece for getaways! ...keeping my fingers crossed for you and that euro millions ticket .......whether you dream a little dream or dream large, we are all with you....Dianne