Sunday, 8 February 2015

Non Nom Nom Français Pour Nige!!!!!

Poor Nigel, he had been so excited about the “French Food” sale in school on “Friday”.
He’d had his money all ready and had spent most of the week contemplating all the romantic foods that would be there to tempt his palate of a foreign type nature …..
But despite searching the school from top to bottom for all of Rec ………
…….. there was no French Food to be found …. not even a whiff of a stale baguette …….
Poor Nigel was almost inconsolable, even when he asked the students where the French Food was they could only look at him blankly.
And when he checked the poster again, it didn’t actually have a date on it, it just said Friday and the other posters that had originally caught his eye had disappeared, so we can only assume that Nigel perhaps spotted the posters after the said event …… and the poster that was left was probably a rogue one, that got away!
So, I am afraid Nigel had to go back to the kitchen and his sauce rotational duties without tasting the exotic …… however Cook, upon seeing his little crestfallen face, made him a slice of cheese on toast and told him it was Croque Monsieur in a French accent   Poor Nigel!


Mr.D said...

Poor Nigel indeed. Maybe he can persuade Cook Lady to have an international cuisine day once per week. He can start with our cousins over the border and do Welsh Rarebit.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, poor Nigel, having his hopes dashed in such a mix-up.....not to worry Nigel, we've all had times where we have gotten the date or time wrong....glad to know Cook was there to offer a tasty snack served with a French accent....there will be another opportunity; after all France is just across the way.....Dianne .......Dianne

marc said...

you boys have been busy what with love holidays and french food its been all go for you i have been away in paris and stockholm with hugh but am back now and have internet so will be back saying hi big love marc