Sunday, 1 February 2015

An Opportunity To Eat In The French Style

There are always posters being put up on the walls at work, but it is always the ones pertaining to the comestible that tend to attract Nigel’s attention first!

And the opportunity for him to “manger dans le style fran├žais” is just tooooooooo exciting …….. so Nigel is robustly up for trying anything of a French flavour …… ……. except for, after some consideration, perhaps snails or frogs legs which might come under the “and more” on the poster. “They are,” he mused,  “ ….the sort of things that are possibly best tried in the comfort of ones own home first!”


Anonymous said...

French food does bring to mind beautiful fresh foods of many kinds and wonderful sauces, but home or away, I know snails and frog legs are not for me!.....enjoy all those French taste sensations, Nigel .....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I have eaten both snails and frogs legs - very tasty.

Bad joke time.

Waiter - do you have frogs legs?
No sir, this is how I always walk.

Waiter - do you have frogs legs?
Yes sir.
Well hop off and get me a steak.