Monday, 9 February 2015

OMG, Darrell’s Been To Iceland And Found Nom Noms!!!

Darrell came back from town yesterday feeling exceedingly and robustly chuffed with himself …… to be honest, he was almost on the verge of self combustion!
He said that he’d just nipped into Iceland (the frozen food shop, not the frozen country of which we visited last Easter) for a quick mooch of their comestible products …..
…………. and only found “nom noms” amongst the bakery items!!!!!!
OMG ……. how very pertinent and spooky in a Derek Acorah type way is that to Castle Greysquirrel?
So, it goes without saying, that it was only au naturale that we had to see for ourselves if the said “noms noms” were really nom nom!
They smelt divine as we opened the packet, and allowed Nigel to take the first bite ….. to find an ample sufficiency of chocolate filling resting upon moist chocolate sponge.
Let’s just say that what then ensued was much contented nomming ….. which eventually resulted in a unanimous score of 16 out of 0.15 on our increasingly complicated Richter Scale of “Nom Nom” Noms
We also decided, after a little debate, none of which was heated, that it would be a most brilliant idea for us to adopt Nom Noms as the official, complimentary gift of choice of Castle Greysquirrell, and from henceforth and hereinafter a pack shall be placed on our visitors pillows as a small memento of their stay.
It’s almost as if they were made for us!!!!!!  We are sooooo chuffed!


Mr.D said...

16 noms is correct. Each is a nom nom and there are eight in the packet.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'll be nomming my way around to Iceland very nommingly soon. Nom Nom. JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Oooh-the chocolate creations look yummy. Haven't seen that famous bloke advertising those-bet he didn't want you to find them.


Anonymous said...

Some things are meant to be!.....those chocolatey bits look rich and delicious.....what a find!....lovely special surprise in the best Derek Acorah way...Dianne

Nicky Stevenson said...

Indeed those do look most delish! I don't want to put a dampener on your most delectable find but I would take a guess that these items could be a seasonal stocked item meaning just for Valentines and Easter. Shops have an annoying habit of doing that, especially with the very items we like the most - Grrr! I could be wrong though but just in case, depending on the 'Consume before' date of the said item, you might like to stock up with plenty! (and resist the temptation to 'accidently' scoff 'em when you do not have visitors!...) Nicky x

marc said...

i am off to look for some big love marc

Caz said...

Oooh will have to look out for them, for in my youth I did a stint packing mince pies and yummy flapjacks in the Hoppers Bakery so have a soft spot for them.

Mrs Mac said...

Spotted these in a 'pound shop' today, whilst buying up choccie biccies for the Christmas biccie tin. So yummy, I googled them to find out of they were likely to be around for very long, as I hadn't seen them anywhere else.... well, as one comment here suggests, perhaps they are rare and seasonal. This being possible, I thought I'd do the Christmassy thing and leave a comment, telling you that pound shops have found them, in case Iceland have abandoned them.
And Bob T Bear (esq) says 'Hallo!'