Sunday, 22 February 2015

No Nom Nom, For Me Thank You!

I very much enjoy most confectionary, but, I am afraid I just cannot countenance even the thought of nom-factor of a jelly baby …..
……….. there is just something about the texture that makes me heave…..
….. the smell of them gets to me too, but that may be because I am pre-empting the said texture!  This all presents a problem, as we have been given a bag of Jelly Bunnies to review, and I just can’t!
So perhaps this might be the appropriate time for Nigel to fly solo and do his first proper review on his own …….. as I don’t think anything makes him heave, well, apart from Cliff Richard!


Mr.D said...

Jelly Babies or Jelly Bunnies are not my favourite sweet. However, I wouldn't say no if I were offered one.

Pamela said...

Oh Nigel - you've gone down in my estimation now! I'm a huge Cliff fan!

Anonymous said...

Confectionary review can be tricky .....even those of us with a so called "sweet tooth" don't like all of it ......hate anything lemon flavoured, or artificial cherry, myself..... but smooth creamy tasting things like Werther's I can have non-stop!.....Dianne