Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Two New Friends

Yesterday we received an e-mail all the way from Romantic Germany …… from two new friends ……….

“Dear Monkey, Darrell and Nigel,
We are two monkeys who are, after much travelling, now living in the
south of Germany. After having discovered your wonderful blog no more
than a few months ago, not a day passes that we don't go and check if
there are any new everyday monkey adventures to read about!
Therefore we could resist no longer and just had to let you know how
much we appreciate that you keep providing us with such exciting
stories, making us feel a little less lonely amongst our human fellows
over here in Germany.
With a big THANK YOU and warmest regards,
Monkey and Monkeyfriend”
WP_20150216_20_00_37_ProLet’s just say it was an emotional moment at Castle Greysquirrel as we have never had a message from Germany before …… and were therefore very thrilled to know that we reach that far into foreign climes!  We also felt that we should return to compliment to our new friends by saying ……..
WP_20150216_20_02_52_Pro“Hallo kleiner Affe Freunde, Vielen Dank und herzlich willkommen auf unserer Familie”

And ….. we’ll have another country where we have friends taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest to look out for!!!


Mr.D said...

What!!!??? OMG!!

You have put a swear word in German!!

Wash your mouth out with soap. Wash the keyboard and screen too.

Welcome to Monkey II and Monkeyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Take no notice of that nawty Mr. D - he tries to scare! It all looks good in translation to me!
Willkommen Deutschland!
Boyz your fame continues to grow - won't be long before you are worldwide celebrities - (just remember who your friends are!!!!)
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to have new friends saying "hello"!......hoping they will join in all the fun and share their thoughts about the adventures and good times of Monkey, Darrell, and Nigel.....saying a friendly hello to Monkey and Monkeyfriend...... Dianne

ZeMonkeys said...

Oh, we couldn't be more proud and honoured! Ah whole post, just for us!!! Thank you!

Mr.D said...

You saw through it JtF. Well done. no swear words at all :)