Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Little Bit Late ….. But Finally, Our Magical Eclipse Report.

This was Nigel’s first ever eclipse, and he was determined to embrace it most robustly .  He had been up to the Science department and asked for instructions on how to make a “safe” viewer, and then had come back to me in a state of flux, where we made one together, using our spookily poignant  “eclipse” copier paper and a drawing pin to make a hole for the sun to shine through…….
…… and then we went outside on the field, where, it seemed, the whole school was out embracing the moment too.
It seemed that all the other office staff had raided our copier room for “eclipse” box lids with which to make their high tech “safe” viewers!
And, there was much jovial ecliptical banter as to which was the best way to hold their said box lids for maximum ecliptical viewage.
Even Nigel’s colleagues from the kitchen abandoned their bread kneading and pizza topping duties for a while to share in this spellbinding occasion.
We certainly had the most perfect conditions with a clear blue sky.
And then it started ……
and the air became hushed, and the feeling of anticipation was both palpable and tangible  ……
…… as the magicial, predestined  paths of earth, moon and sun started to slowly alignment into position ……
It goes without saying that Nigel was totally and absolutely mesmerised ……
…… so much so, that even I could almost feel his goosebumps!
And then, when it was finally over and the totality had returned, Nigel went inside to watch it all over again on the big screen, to be equally mesmerised second time round.
On Friday we had all been witness/part of a little part of astrological economical equilateral astronomical history, an event  I would almost go as far as saying that was on par to any X Factor Final!


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful experience.
Did they sell special glasses so you could look at it directly?

Anonymous said...

An event Nigel won't be forgetting!..... fun to have so many sharing the lucky to have eclipse box lids!..hard to beat the show the universe provides....Dianne