Monday, 16 March 2015

Our Current Confectionary Of Choice

Our current “boiled” confectionary of choice at the moment is 100 grams of Fizzy Fish (89p) …… we are a bit very robustly keen on them, even though, sometimes sucking them makes the roofs of our mouth sore!!!
However, such exotic confectionary isn’t available in our village, so it is one of Darrell’s little jobs after work, to pop into our favourite purveyor of said 100g confectionary, Sweet Memories in the town centre.
Sweet Memories has a most ample selection of all things confectionary, but for the moment at least we cannot be wavered from our Fizzy Fish, which we very much enjoy whilst watching our evening television …… Gogglebox, First Dates, The Voice, Bear Grylls Mission Survive etc.
But I am sure that should our tastes change Darrell will be able to adjust to these demands …. he has already suggested that perhaps pineapple rock would make a most excellent occasional change or perhaps a toasted macaroon or two!!!! We will, naturally,  keep you informed if such substitutions are indeed made!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh have they got sticks of barley sugar twists? Or Pontefract cakes? Or Pineapple Cubes? Or perhaps they are the same as the Pineapple Rock you mention......oh I could go on and list mouth is watering already. Sweet memories indeedy! Enjoy! JantheFan x
p.s. Gogglebox - what a hoot!

Mr.D said...

Pineapple chunks and Cola Cubes spring to mind. Rhubarb and custard, strawberries and cream, milk gums and sarsaparilla tablets please.
By the quarter, not 100 grams.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Memories sounds like the ideal place to spend time .....all those flavours tempting the taste buds macaroons!.... lovely to have special treats to look forward to.....enjoy every piece of your chosen confectionary!......Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Oooh-how adventurous. I'm a fan of sherbet bonbons, liquorice allsorts & winegums and occasionally cola cubes. Not sure about "fizzy fish"........!


Mr.D said...

I love Pontefract cakes but had forgotten all about them!