Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Yet Another Lost Nomming Opportunity!!

Yesterday, sadly, we missed out on yet another unique and festive nomming opportunity at “The Kitchen” …….. this time because we all had to be at work …… and sandwiches had already been made!!!
It was St Patricks Day and to celebrate they were putting on Irish Stew and Colcannon, (which we understand to be “posh” mashed potato),  and we have never, ever had colcannon, though have seen it on Come Dine With Me a couple of times. With the Easter break but just a week or so away we have vouchsafed to ourselves that come hell or high water, no excuses or prior engagements   ….. we shall treat ourselves and fine dine au village, we have missed too many opportunities already!!!!


Mr.D said...

Sounds delicious - the stew, that is as I'd never heard of Colcannon either.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! a resolve with a purpose for first class nomming.....I've never had posh mashed potatoes, but they do have my interest mashed potatoes particularly with butter and small browned onion bits on top......time to take matters into your own hands, indeed you have missed waaay too many culinary opportunities!....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Good for you-an Easter treat sound like an excellent plan especially if it involves food!


marc said...

one must say those Irish folk can do wonders with the humble spud and all while doing a jig of some sort well thats what a leprechaun told one the other day after a couple of bottles of baileys hugh