Monday, 2 March 2015

Nigel Goes Visiting ……..

Nigel’s friends Julia and T have recently moved and had invited Nigel to visit, however, this visit has opened up a whole can of worms ….. or put more succinctly, a whole field of sheep, for Castle Greysquirrel……..
…… because Julia and T also bought a quarry with their new house ……
IMG_0002….. and in that quarry they have two sheep …..
….. and now,  Nigel is besotted ……..
…… and wants to have a couple of his own in chez Castle! It AINT going to happen!
He says that they don’t need all that much fancy food, as they could eat our grass, thus saving me many hours cutting it the summer …… he has also seen their poo and it doesn’t look that messy …….
……. and when it comes to shearing time, the PE Lady and The PE Lady’s Mum could knit us jumpers with the wool!  To Nigel, it was a win win situation all round.
IMG_0001Darrell didn’t help the situation by mentioning mint sauce, but fortunately that comment went right over Nigel’s head.  I have told Nigel that we cannot have sheep at the castle, and no amount of telling me to “just look at their cute little faces” will persuade me to change my mind …… end of!


Mr.D said...

Good luck with this one.
It could run and run.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, those cute little faces would have one get carried away with thoughts of them munching away and keeping the grass trimmed! .....Nigel's far flung interests do bring up some interesting possibilities.....he is a dreamer! .....Dream away dear Nigel .....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

As much as I love Nigels logic. I have to agree that owning sheep would be a lot of work + mess! Much better to visit your friends. Good luck trying to convince him though.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm with Nigel on this one. Having a couple of sheeps would be rather wonderful. It would relieve a lot of stress and tension after a long day of sauce rotation for Nigel. He would be able to relax and commune with nature and be at one with the sheeps. JantheFan x