Sunday, 1 March 2015

Darrell Finally Comes Through!

White smoke coming from the chimney of Castle Greysquirrel …… which means …….. we have a Pope ….. a summer holiday!!!!!
we have a holidayDarrell has been pouring through his humungous pile of travel brochures for weeks now and I have to say that his research seems to have been both very robust and incredibly meticulous.
He had an totally inflexible budget and a long list of requirements to work with ….. nice hotel, breakfast, sand, sea, mahoooosive cocktails, waves, unbridled sunshine and promenading opportunities for the evenings …….. and bless him, he came up with ……..
…… Greece ….. again, but we are certainly not grumbling after last year, which was too wonderful for words, who wouldn’t want to do it all again ….. but on a different Greek island.
NidriSo, we are off to Nidri in the summer ….. it looks almost tooooooooo romantic and it’s going to be hard trying not to spontaneously combust just thinking about it!!!! 
Another Space Greek Odyssey, how wonderful, THANK YOU DARRELL for all your sterling efforts, you done good!!!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

Oh my-the picture looks just fabulous! I'll bet you're going to be counting the weeks down now. It's always nice to have something to look forward to especially a holiday.


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! Looking forward to hearing all about it already! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

WhooHoo!....Greek Odyssey ll coming up! wise ....after all you can't improve upon perfection and those Greek days and nights were that...... if it was my holiday, I would have my suitcase in plain view; plotting and planning!..... Dianne

marc said...

i best sort out a little overnight bag and make a note if one is taking the cure in mykonos around the same time one could see if one could charta a helicopter to pop over and see you boys big show biz wave and air kiss hugh you boys will have such a lovely time its a island i havent beed to big love maRC

Mr.D said...

Sounds great.
2015 a Greek Odyssey?

P E Lady said...

I look forward to getting the wool. Wonder what we might knit?