Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nigel’s Most Amazing Find To Date!!!

Nigel’s long run of finding “interesting” things of an abandoned type nature continues …….
……. yesterday, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he found the most romantic, rusty trunk he has ever seen, which almost blocked the pavement and his safe passage to work!
Nigel immediately sensed that it was undoubtedly a trunk of untold history and great mystery that would undoubtedly yield great treasures, and Nigel being Nigel and emboldened by fanciful imaginings couldn’t help taking a peek at its contents (if any).
It yielded,to many very little, what looked like bike handles and an old bit fashioned drill ….. not quite doubloons or pieces at eight, but treasure indeed to a curious mind !!!
Sadly,(and maddingly for a totally entranced Nigel), the trunk was far too big for him to claim the ancient right of “finders keepers” and get home. With a bit of spit and polish it wouldn’t have taken much to do up. Sometimes having “the gift of finding things” can be a double edged sword sighed Nigel to himself, especially when you have to leave them where you found them!!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

My goodness-that was a real treasure chest! I can sympathise with Nigel having to leave it as it looks so interesting.


Anonymous said...

so disappointing... looks like a small monkey's dream come true.....perhaps someone with a wagon or even a garden cart could get this safely to Castle sad to see Nigel miss out on this rusty treasure.... perhaps next time it will all work out......Love you, Dianne

Mr.D said...

If Nigel had managed to get it home and gave it to Mum, someone could have said to her:
What a huge chest you have madam, in the style of Benny Hill or a saucy seaside postcard!

marc said...

one would have paid a young urchin or poor person a whole silver shilling to carry that home to ones lodgings one would never have just left such a find big air kiss show biz wave hugh .....your have to forgive hugh he is rehearsing for his new part in a victorian melodrama so he is all white shirts and manly chests at the mo while chucking the most odd things in his daily talking big love a veryu worn out marc