Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Developments Up Road ……

None of us could help but notice that there has  been much work afoot up on a patch of  “rough land” up the road ……..
…….. which backs up to a small caravan site and is very close to the river and weir. It’s not that big a piece of land …….
…… but over the past week or so it has been cleared and flattened.
IMG_0263  …… and so, naturally, our curiosity ………..
……… along with a few others has been aroused as we discovered on Spotted in Evesham on Facebook
……it would have looked rude not to continue to click on the links, wouldn't it …….
……. where we discovered that there’s going to be 123 flats built,  with 9 commercial units, which we’ve since found out will be set in a square and the units will be shops and more likely to be five in number.  A bridge across the river would also have been very useful as the development will be directly adjacent to Iris’s school and would save us at least half and hour in walking, but that would too much to hope for!
But much food for thought then …… especially with regards to the shops, because Evesham is very much a stranger to the corner shop unlike in The Homeland. Somewhere to stop off for a pint of milk, a loaf of bread and the occasional bag of Maltesers on the way home would be a most welcome prospect.
There followed much debate as to what we hoped said five shops might be, a convenience store would be top of our list, followed by a Poundland, a Chinese takeaway, a craft shop for when Darrell gets all artistic and charity shop for mooching and finding treasures …… however as building has not yet started, we may have a bit of a wait, however, rest assured, we will keep you informed.


CraftyCoffey said...

Sounds very interesting, perhaps you could petition the builders into making the bridge you’re hoping for??


Mr.D said...

Good luck with the shops and a bridge.