Thursday, 10 October 2019

Nigel's Still Going On .... And On ...... And On ...... And On!

Nigel has returned from his short trip to Cheltenham but is still very full of Malmaison.
Poor Darrell looked quite overwhelmed by the barrage of interior design shots Nigel was eager to show him as he soon as he got through the door .......
...... especially the ones of the wallpaper, on the feature wall which from a distance looked like a fashionably grey, contemporary design..........
........ but up close was all fish and butterflies ....... which Nigel said, with a moist eye, had made him think about his beloved fish in the pond back at The Castle Greysquirrel.  
Nigel also thought the art work was what Hugh would call avant garde ........... with what looked like a baggily dressed gentleman being enveloped by a large metallic sphere.
While Darrell looked at them with a quizzical expression, turning Nigel's pictures round in his hand, they got a very definite "no" from me, as they made me feel very claustrophobic. They are  undoubtedly conversation pieces, but no way could I live with them, looking at that poor man struggling day in, day out, give me a Constable Haywain every time!

His little sojourn with Lucy seems had a quite a profound effect on the little fella, he's taken everything in, even down to mahooooooooooooooooosive light shade, which  I initially thought was a meaningful artistic installation using the inside of an industrial washing machine 
I'm not sure when or where Nigel's next venture is going to be, however I am rather hoping he'll be staying in a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge, where we all pretty much know what to expect, which in turn means a little less ebullience on his part and fewer photos for Darrell and I to work through on his return.  You've got to love him!!!


Mr.D said...

What a fantastic room, that Lucy and Nigel had.

The fish/butterfly wallpaper looks great.

Mr.D said...

P.S. I had never heard of Joe Lycett, so I (made up word (I think) alert) YouTubed him. He made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I saw that lampshade on the TV show Money for Nothing the other night. The upcycler, Mark Haig, who owns Gizmots, made a magnificent fire-pit robot from a tumble dryer drum. JantheFan x