Friday, 18 September 2009

WARNING - This Post Contains Pictures of Male Nudity.

I’m not very keen on spiders and daddy long legs and, with the autumn nights upon us,  I have noticed that these creatures are venturing into the house, especially in the evenings and especially in my bathroom. Some of them are MASSIVE and they seem to just lurk there  ………….. motionless ……… waiting ………… giving me the eeeeebbbbbbby jebbbbbbbies
Monkey in Bathroom 2
I have to make sure that my bath is a creepy crawly free zone before I can bathe.  The thought of daddy longs legs legs in amongst my bath time bubbles brings me out in goosebumps.
Monkey in Bathroom
Once I am sure there is nothing skulking, I get those taps running and the Johnson’s baby bath foaming…….


Angie said...

I think my 'Fly Squad' should visit you. No insect is safe ... they can spot them at 20 feet ...and dispose of them ...cleanly and quickly.
Have Paws ...Will Travel

Carmen said...

My eyes, my eyes *blush*

We've had lots of the creepy crawlies here too. The biggest so far was one of those big black ones and was the size of my hand. You could see his little pincers and eyes and everything. *shudder* Luckily Craig the spider catcher is on hand to bravely catch and then let us gawk in horror safely through the glass he has caught it in. Can't kill them, hate flies even more and they supposedly keep them down.

Sally said...

Ooooer missus! Monkey - please put some clothes on!

Julia Dunnit said...

OOoh Monkey, you'll catch your death! We had a spider stalk across the lounge floor last night - it's body was at least 2" off the floor because of the great long legs..eeeuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Didn't half make me and the DD move fast!

Sarah xx said...

Saucy little monkey!! Fancy teasing us like that and then scaring us with your spider stories??? xx