Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Probe Monkey.

Picture 187
I thought it would be nice for me to get to know my visitors a little better and for them to get to know me better too.
So if you would like to know anything about me, my life, my loves etc. ask away …..
Also,  if you have any personal problem I could help you with, why not share it with me, after all a problem shared is a problem solved, n’est pas?
Just add your question to the comment boxes and I will answer them as openly and honestly as I can.
To start the ball rolling I have had this question from Phyllis in Rotherham
“Monkey, which three toppings would you choose to have on your perfect pizza?”
Thank you Phyllis for your question, for me, it would have to be pepperoni,  mushrooms and anchovies, yum yum!
Martin from Liverpool asks:-
“How can we improve public transport in Liverpool?  I understand you have Banga buses in some areas of Wolverhampton, would George consider bringing his bus here?”
If George changed his bus route to encompass Liverpool, there would be uproar in Codsall/Bilbrook.  However I have spoken to him and he will e-mail you with his recommendations on improving the bus services in Merseyside.


Angie said...

Angie from Fife wonders if you have a special person in your life?

Julia Dunnit said...

Julia from Ludgershall wants to know who is your tailor?

Carmen said...

Carmen from Kent ponders whether you have a tattoo and if so ... where?

Sarah xx said...

Love this outfit Monkey - you look very handsome!!!

Sarah from London wonders -
If you could replace any actor as the lead in a film, who would it be and which film? And why?