Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pickled Onions & Saturday Mornings ……

I had a late night last night ,….. I pickled my onions, ready for the Festive Season.  One of my most favourite meals ever is,  by tradition, my tea every 27th December, when I always have cold turkey, real chips (not those oven things) and pickled onions.  Life doesn’t get much better than that!

However pleasure seems to go hand in hand with pain, especially where pickled onions are concerned. My eyes are very sore, as is my peeling finger and my hands have the distinct whiff of the pungent vegetable
My recipe is simple, small onions, soft brown sugar and malt vinegar!
This morning I woke early to another of life’s pleasure, a cup of tea in bed, Radio 4 on the radio,  thinking of the weekend ahead ……… shopping, a bit of baking, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, and the footie at the Molineux tomorrow!

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Carmen said...

My Mum used to do pickled onions, and pickled red cabbage... and chutney. Oh but it stank the house out when she was doing it. Didn't half taste yummy though ;)