Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Exciting Things That Fall Off Trees - Conkers

monkey and conkers
Don’t you just love Autumn?  It’s so exciting because of all the things that drop off trees…. especially conkers!
This is my Kinga.  I’ve soaked it in vinegar so its very tough and put a real shoe lace through it.  Its BRILLIANT.
I went round the park, round the back, and ferrtled amongst the fallen leaves under the big conker tree, and there it was, woo hoo.
I have to admit to being a bit confused between conkers and horse chestnuts.  I think you can eat one and the other is deadly poisonous , but I don’t know which, so I am not going to eat either of them.

In answer to Sarah's question in comments
A kinga is a winning conker, call it a oner, sixer, tenner etc = number of other conkers beaten.


Carmen said...

I love conkers, makes me feel autumn is truly upon us :D I love this time of year. All the colours are changing on th trees round my way.

Julia Dunnit said...

Vinegar eh? Up this way, we cook 'em real slow and they go hard as, well, nuts!! Good luck with that Kinga monkey.

Sarah xx said...

Hi Monkey, love your new jacket! I love conkers too - but what's a Kinga?? xx