Thursday, 10 September 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into your bed ………

Usually, when I return to my hotel suite after sightseeing, shopping,  etc., I am greeted by my pyjamas being neatly folded, perhaps a chocolate on my pillow, or  the replenishment of my hospitality tray - tea, coffee, milk and a complimentary rich tea finger …………


But, on this trip they certainly pulled out the all the stops when it came to folding my towels, I never knew quite what I would find on my bed!  



Sarah xx said...

When I did a Nile cruise I found a monkey and an elephant - must dig out the photos to show you!

brenda said...

Morning Helen

Just saw mention of your on Sarahs blog, came for a nose had to leave you a comment.

Your posts really brightened my morning and made me smile and your hotel sculptures remind me of our holidays, we ae fortunate to be able to cruise (it really does help when you have a travel agent for a close friend)and the cabin stewards pride themselves in their 'towel sculting' - helps boost the tips as well !

Have a good day

B x