Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I’ve Been Part of History!

My apologies for not posting for a day or two but I’ve been away in London.  Last Friday, between 01.00 and 2:00 I was on The Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of One and Other.
What can I say? Words seldom fail me, but I am afraid this time I am, erm….. a tadge overwhelmed….
I had hoped that Clive Anderson would make mention of me on his Sky Arts show, but this week I think there had been a spate of unseemly nakedness from some of the Plinthers (as we are called).  Believe me “my little man” knows where to stay – and anyway it was very parky up there!
I was with Jan, she is my sort of Auntie, and a “Wannabe Olympic Volunteer! 


Angie said...

Wow ....You are famous

Sarah xx said...

If I'd known I would have come and met you in person!!!

Sarah xx said...

In recognition of this great event I have left you something on my blog!