Thursday, 24 September 2009

Monkey Answers Back

Monkey thinking
Angie asks "Is there a special person in my life?"
Yes Angie there is, we have been together for two years now, we met through E-bay, no doubt she will feature in the future, but she is has rather a shy nature.

Julia asks " Who is your tailor?" I don’t have a tattoo Carmen,  my skin is too woolly.  If I could, I would have “Mum” over my heart.
Sarah from London wonders - If you could replace any actor as the lead in a film, who would it be and which film? And why?
Without hesitation, Hugh Grant in Notting Hill because I am a hopeless romantic and a lot of people comment on how similar Hugh and I are in our mannerisms.

Today’s best question was asked by Carmen.  If you would like to e-mail me your address Carmen I will send you a little Monkey sweetie bag.


Julia Dunnit said...

You are a fascinating individual Monkey. May I suggest an embroidery so that you can 'feel' tatooed.

Carmen said...

Aw thank you monkey and Julia what a wicked idea :D That would be fabulous :)

Sarah xx said...

Oh Monkey, that's one of my favourite films!!
I thought you had a bit of a Simon Cowell look about you? Don't go for the tattoo though - you'll regret it when you're older! xxx