Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More Of A Hindrance Than A Help!

Tristan made a suprise visit to Wolverhampton yesterday, he said he had to pick up some new studs for his rugby boots and as he was passing, he offered to assist me while I am helping out in the Reprographics Department – but he was a bit of a hindrance really ….
Picture 010
I found him hiding under the toner shelf ……. first I spotted his head poking out …..
Picture 011
and then Molly’s head popped out too ......
Picture 013

They were trying to make me jump and had planned to leap out and yell "BOO" if I hadn't spotted Tristan first – what are they like? However, I did have to shoo them out after, as I had paperclips and elastic bands to count out and share amongst the staff, I didn't want to start an international incident if they weren't in pigeon holes by the end of the day!


Anonymous said...

He's leading Molly astray Monkey! beware!

Mr.D said...

Picking up some studs eh?