Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More Treasures from Iceland

 Icelandic Sweeties
Yesterday I was so full of the wonder of my piece of volcano (and pumice stone), that I forgot to mention my other Icelandic gift from the Young Ladies at school. …….
Sweeties from Iceland Toggur
They also bought me a big bag of Icelandic toffees, how BRILLIANT is that?
Sharing sweeties 1
I have to admit, I did check the packet for dust and ash, but as it was a sealed bag, there was no real risk of volcanic contamination.
Close up of sweeties
I have shared them out between all my friends so they too can enjoy a flavour of Iceland…….
Sharing sweeties
…… which is mainly liquorice.


Angie said...

They look yummy

YorkshireKaren said...

Mmmm, licorice is my favourite, Monkey! you have made me feel rather peckish and in need of licorice now!

Mr.D said...

Mmmmm licorice. Can't get it here I'm afraid.