Saturday, 24 April 2010

Magic Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with a swirl
I am feeling a tiny bit nauseous at the moment as I have just drunk five mugs of hot chocolate – but I have had so much fun …..
Hot Chocolate Whirl Hot Choc hearts
I found this BRILLIANT set of stencils that puts lovely patterns on your hot chocolate or coffee – I’m not sure about putting them on a cup of tea though ….
Hot Chocolate with Stars Musical Hot Choc
I’ve put a swirl, hearts, stars and musical notes on my drinks – the musical one made me hum “I’m drinking up my hot chocolate” in my head, to the tune of White Christmas
Smiley face hot chocolate
But my favourite of all was the smiley face!  Now I must go and lie down for a  little while.


Deborah said...

Good morning Monkey, hope you are feeling a bit better today. Maybe you should keep off the hot choccy for today, love your stencils though

Mr.D said...

Do you think the makers of Guinness will be interested? A smiley face on your pint would worry the drunks.