Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Icelandic Treasures Beyond My Wildest Dreams.

Icelandic Treasures 
I have been a little tense over the Easter holidays because some of the Young Ladies at school have been to Iceland as part of their Geographic studies, mum said she had included for terrorist activity in the risk assessment but had underplayed the possibility of a volcanic eruption !
lava close up
But, they have returned safely ……. and look what they have bought back for me…….. some lava from the volcano, (I won’t even attempt to name it).  I am filled with such awe and wonder, this has got to be the best present I have ever received.
A bit of volcano
I just can’t stop looking at it, I am so lucky……. but I hope the removal of this small and seemingly insignificant piece of rock hasn’t in away accelerated or exasperated the events of the past week or so.
Can't stop looking at my piece of lava
 ...... And it may be my overactive imagination but I am convinced it’s still a little bit warm………


Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh monkey aren't you lucky ! I expect it is still a bit warm, after all there's millions of years of heat built up in it..it wouldn't cool off too quickly, surely!

alex said...

thankyou for you postcard monkey. i must say that when you said you werre off to iceland to get prawns i was a little worried myself. then i realised waht you menat. did you see colleen or phillip there?