Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pricking Out My Christmas Trees

Seedlings Monkey with seedlings
Do you remember my Christmas trees that I had in my Advent Tut in December, well, since I showed you them last, 2 more have popped up, how BRILLIANT is that?  So now I have 4 altogether.
Preparing pots pricking out
I thought it was about time that I pricked out the seedlings and put them in proper plant pots.  I had to be very very careful because they are very delicate.
Pricking out Christmas Tree seedlings pricking out seedlings
I am very proud.
Seedlings on window sill
I have put them back on the window sill where they started growing.  To think I will have 4 tiny weeny Christmas trees that will take pride of place amongst my festive decor this Christmas.

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