Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Checking Out Premier Inns – Part 1

Picture 349
I have had a short break in Bristol – two nights at a Premier Inn and thought, as I had nothing better to do, I would give it a good check over seeing as Lennie Henry speaks so highly of them.
Picture 352
When I checked in I did ask the lady on reception if I had been booked into the same room Lennie Henry had stayed in, she said she could not guarantee it, but, if not, Lennie would have stayed in an identical room.
hospitality tea
I checked the complimentary beverages first, as I was a bit parched after my journey – hmmmm, very basic,  I wouldn’t have minded a packet of complimentary bourbons or custards creams – I bet Lennie would have been proffered a whole assortment of biscuits when he phoned down requesting a bedtime digestive.
I also checked out the sign in the bathroom about forgotten wash items ….. I had forgotten my cotton buds so phoned down to reception ….. a la Lennie …..
Picture 269
I also asked if they had a bonnet de douche, the receptionist said she did not speak French, so I asked her for a shower hat in English.
Picture 263
I was a little disappointed that there were no complementary bath products in the bathroom except for some Lux shower gel in a dispenser in the shower – which didn’t  quite have the same mystic of an assortment of little bottles that I have had at other hostelries.
Picture 331
However it sufficed for my bath time needs.
Monkey wrapped in towel


Julia Dunnit said...

The consumers friend eh Monkey?! Perhpas you can get them to explain how the £29 per night thing magically turned into £140 whenI stayed at Docklands!!!

Mr.D said...

Monkey, you could become a religious leader the way you wear that towel.