Tuesday, 27 April 2010

No Cash In My Attic!

Picture 031
It was a good job Angela Rippon and a full camera crew weren’t behind me me when I went up into the attic, because they would have found absolutely nothing to take to auction!
It was quite a struggle to get up there.
Picture 035
And after all my struggling to get up the ladder all I found was an old computer steering wheel thing
 Picture 042Picture 045
An old empty trunk and a child's wicker chair.
Picture 038 Picture 040
No objets d’arts anywhere.
Picture 046
Angela would have been so disappointed, the BBC would have wasted TV license payers money and I have no money to take my family to Alton Towers!  As Doris Day has been known to say or sing "Kay Sir Ra Sir Ra" .......


Anonymous said...

Poor poor Monkey, what a disppointment!

Julia Dunnit said...

Actually Monkey, your attic is priceless to loads of us - it's so tidy!

Mr.D said...

It is "Que será será." maybe you should consider learning another language, such as Gornalese. It aye the wus.