Saturday, 26 November 2016

A Film Suggestion For Lu Perhaps

It seems The Regal Cinema in Evesham is showing The Accountant in December ………
The AccountantDarrell was wondering if it in any way mirrors the working life of our own beloved Lu.  When she comes down she often regales us of romantic accountant tales of what she has been counting in the week, but whether there are any pig or milk tanker counting scenes in the film I supposed we had better book to find out!


Dianne said...

There can be high intrigue with accounting! All sorts of attempts to have the books "doctored" to hide assets; not to mention off shore accounts. Lucy could be a crime stopper (with a superb wardrobe) helping to catch those who are up to no good. After all, it was the accountants at the US Internal Revenue Service who put big time mob boss Al Capone in prison for tax fraud. Lots of possibilities......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Are you sure it is a film?
Maybe the date is when a real accountant arrives.
Maybe it is Lucy out and about.