Monday, 28 November 2016

A Fortuitous Find or Not Quite Sure?

There’s a charity shop up the road, which is a bit of a quandary to Darrell. When things haven’t sold after a week or two, or there is some damage …….
Booty……. the shop puts it outside, to the side of the shop in open boxes.
Never Know what you'll findDarrell can’t help having a look if he see them, but wonders if there is an “honesty box” element to it. Does the shop leave it there rather than just put it directly in the bin, for people to help themselves,  which Darrell has seen happen?
treasure galoreShould Darrell ever find something that takes his fancy he has decided that he should pop inside and make a donation, just walking off just doesn’t seems right.
We are not sure whether Nigel has noticed this phenomenon yet, but  Darrell is going mention it and advise Nigel that if he does mooch, he should certainly pay. Both Darrell and I, knowing Nigel as we do, have both thought that, with Christmas looming, Nigel might, if he hasn’t already, see these boxes as a useful source from which to get our Christmas presents!!!!!!


Di said...

Ha! Too funny chaps. I worked Saturday afternoons in a local charity shop near here and could write a book about it. We never did that with a box left outside but we did do big weekly reductions on 'slow moving lines', snort! My guess is that a small donation would be most welcome - or why not pop your head in the shop and ask? Who knows, you could find yourself doing a small shift helping them out! And believe me, you'd soon have enough material to write a book as well.

So happy to see you blogging about your new life in Evesham.


Di xx

Pamela said...

I'm sure you're right about Nigel and the Christmas pressies LOL! Boys you need to change the sentence under your header- you're not in Wolverhampton now!!!!

PharmacyMichele said...

Christmas presents from a charity shop is a wonderful idea although looking at the "unsold" items, they might prove too much of a challenge even for Nigel.


Dianne said...

Who knows what nay pop up in that box......Will definitely present an opportunity for treasure hunting for Nigel.....binoculars or a wee spyglass would be just the ticket...Darrel's exploring brings something new and interesting each day as Evesham's offerings reveal themselvest!....loving wishes, Dianne

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than a good rummage - one never knows what one may find . You've heard about these people who pick up something for 5p from a carboot sale and then sell it for 5 million at Sotheby's - well I could have exaggerated a tad there - but I'm sure you get my drift! Happy rummaging! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Careful. The new apartment could soon be full up of, not only other peoples' junk, but junk even the charity shop doesn't want.
Nigel might be a bit of a hoarder.

marc said...

one should get it and give it out to the homeless and poor peps just like santa big air kiss hugh