Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Best Thing About Living In Evesham …… According To Nigel

Nigel has lovely the knack of summing up the more obscure bonuses that come with our new life in Evesham very succinctly, if not so charmingly!
IMG_8945According to “the sage one”, due to the air being so much cleaner up here, he informs us that his bogies disappeared completely within a matter of days, adding that  they now only seem to return on visits back to The Homeland (Wolverhampton)  What is he like?
Motorworld 1Speaking of which, (our homeland, not Nigel’s bogies), Lu popped over for the weekend and had some news of a very sad nature to impart.  She had driven past Nigel’s beloved Motorworld only to see that it was all boarded up! To see this for himself, in person, would have broken poor Nigel’s heart, it was bad enough telling him.
IMG_8943And now, dare we ask, what has/will happen to the much beloved knitted nativity?
Knitted Nativity Motorworld Bilbrook christmas window _thumb[6] (1)Thank goodness we live 4 trains (or 3 trains and a bus ride) away or I know Nigel would be down there with his picketing placard demanding answers …….
Knitted nativity. motorworld window_thumb[2]……… however, I fear questions could still be asked in Parliament!


PharmacyMichele said...

Oh no-let's hope the knitted nativity has gone to a good home. Poor Nigel-i hope this isn't all too much for him.


Dianne said...

How could this happen? Who is responsible? Questions, questions; this could have a profound effect on the community; after all Motorworld did win awards for their windows... Was there a demonstration expressing concern? And this at Christmastime! Perhaps it really is for the best Nigel can't stand by those boarded up windows with all their special memories. Surely the knitted nativity has a new home in someone's front window. A changing world can be harsh......Dianne

Dianne said...

PS Lucky you! Evesham is not only beautiful, but the clean air is a wonderful bonus!....Dianne

Di said...

Oh noooo! Seems like you moved just in time then - the window display was a highlight of your posts each year boys! Have you checked out the local charity shops - they seem to put on quite nice displays at Christmas. I toddled into the one where I used to do a Saturday afternoon shift today - and it was like Narnia!


Di xx

Mr.D said...

The knitted nativity was an absolute classic. Hopefully it will appear in another shop window nearby later in the year.

Anonymous said...

Phew - thank goodness you moved just in time - there would have been tears.......JantheFan x