Thursday, 24 November 2016

And What Of Our Rigorous and Robust 5 A Day Regime?

Well, it really was spookily meant to be, us moving slap bang in the middle of The Vale of Evesham, the famous fruit and vegetable basket of England, especially when you consider our rigorous and robust 5 a day regime of the past……box of satsumas…… and moving, certainly hasn’t changed that.  At the moment satsumas and clementines, (we can’t tell the difference, but we are sure Mr D, who knows everything, will tell us) are in great abundance. These are sadly not grown locally, coming instead from romantic and torrid Spain, but it would look rude not to take advantage, wouldn’t it?
5 a dayWe have had to ration Nigel to three a day as he would eat the box in one go, but I think we need to keep a closer eye on him, as I found a pile of peel under his bed when I was cleaning the other day.
ForagingHowever, let it be said that we are no strangers to true local produce as the drawers in our new fridge freezer will testify, they are bulging with frozen blackberries and plums, all picked with our own fair hands. Darrell even tried his hand at making some individual mini crumbles with them, and very lovely they are too.
Beko Fridge FreezerDuring the summer, the journey into town was a veritable smorgasbord of free seasonal fruit. We always took a couple of Tupperware boxes whenever we went for a walk and foraged greatly, which made us all feel very feral. This year, we were only at the start of our voyage discovery as far as foraging is concerned, but next year we plan to become the Evesham fruit versions of Bear Grylls.  Nom Nom Nom.


PharmacyMichele said...

You're turning into The Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall of Evesham with all this foraging malarkey-he he!!


Di said...

Oooer, foraging is such fun! You picked such a great place to live - just so long as the foraging doesn't include sending Nigel shinning up a tree to do some scrumping! Oh wait, he already did that did he?


Di xx

Sarah said...

We've missed you so much and Herb (our little monkey) was always wondering what adventures Nigel was getting upto. We're so happy to see you all back on the blog!

Dianne said...

Crikey!! here I was placing my comment on the wrong browser; they just don't go through on Mozilla. Evesham just has more to offer making it a very special place to live. I expect 5 a day to zoom to 7 or more per day! You all will be positively glowing with health. I admit to counting a fruit flavored vitamin gummy as part of the required 5 a day. Spain does ship high quality citrus world wide. For citrus intrigue: my lime juice comes from Peru but is bottled in Switzerland!!...A stroll through Evesham does have considerable perks!..Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Boyz - what an overall healthy lifestyle you all lead now. Exciting times. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Satsumas and clementines?
They are labelled as such in the supermarket!