Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Tide Is High …….

Oh my goodness, on Monday it just rained and rained and rained under a dark, brooding sky. We had originally planned to go into Evesham for a mooch and perhaps a coffee and teacake in Buongiorno, but in the end decided against it, I don’t think anyone really appreciates the “joy” of when the rain is so wet that it even soaks into your vest and pants, even Nigel.  So we stayed in and watched the swans across the way, who didn’t seem to know where to put themselves.
IMG_8982Despite the rain, we were not untowardly bothered.  Then, this morning, Nigel was beside himself when he rolled up the blinds in the lounge, was it him, or did the river look just a little bit nearer  and was it going past really, really quickly, taking lots of branches and stuff with it?Evesham 22.11.16Well, Nigel’s wellies were on before you could say “Noah’s Ark”, but I insisted that if Nigel was heading out to get a closer look Darrell MUST go with him.
IMG_8993As soon as they saw him, the swans that Nigel always feeds spotted him from across the river and came swimming over.  But the fishing platform his usually feeds them from had well and truly disappeared, leaving them very confused.
Rivers UpThe water had risen to the bottom of the bottom step by about 3 inches …..
IMG_8997……. and a small section of the footpath was also under water in both directions …….
IMG_8996….. so if they wanted to walk into town later they would have to go the long way round through the estate.
River Avon Evesham This was a very different river to the one we have seen and watched since we moved in and  I expect we will see it change many times over in the coming years.
Evesham Bridge 2In Evesham the view from the old bridge was as equally dramatic.
IMG_9003….. and Nigel noted how the ducks didn’t really need to paddle as the water was just taking them along.
Evesham WeirNigel’s thought he might take the short cut, past the weir, to get home, but again the path was underwater.IMG_9012Nigel was so full of awe and wonder …….. but “coracle” is not a word I want to hear anywhere near him just at the moment!!!


Di said...

Oooer, better put waders on the Christmas wish list boys! So exciting to see changes all around you - Evesham ain't gonna be dull for sure!


Di xx

Mr.D said...

It may be a struggle keeping Nigel out of the water. He will have his swimming trunks and arm bands on if you are not careful. Mind you, I imagine it will be a tad cold.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-lets hope Nigel doesn't decide to take a paddle or he could get swept down the river.


Dianne said...

Lovely romantic misty atmosphere in the swan we sense a young person's weather station keeping track of incoming rain/gales in Nigel's future? Will Darrell become Evesham's Mrs. Bale? Keep dry midst the water drama... Never a dull day with the boys in Evesham!.....Loving wishes, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Get coracle, no make that jet ski, on the list to Santa! JantheFan x