Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Someone Explain To Nigel Please!

There is a rather nice looking beauty salon at the top of Evesham High Street. To be honest, considering Darrell’s very rigorous cleansing, toning and moisturising routine, I am surprised he hasn’t ventured in yet, even if just to pick up a price list of treatments.
ritual milk wrapIt was in fact Nigel who noticed the board outside first. Nigel mused that it all sounded rather lovely in a pleasure and pain type way, being rubbed with coconuts and then enveloped in a milky wrap, perhaps you could even eat it!
aroma spaOr, there was an ocean wrap, Nigel’s fertile imagination went into overdrive,  wondering if it might involve being rubbed down with seashells, a conch perhaps and then wrapped in seaweed, if so, he hoped they really checked it thoroughly for crabs, no one likes an unexpected nip when they are trying to wallow in luxury.
colon therapyHowever, at the bottom, he saw something that he hadn’t heard of, Darrell does go on and on about his cellulite, but Nigel had never heard him ever mention his colon …… and there were no clues on the board as to what this kind of therapy might involve.  Do I tell him?


PharmacyMichele said...

Oh-maybe save that explanation for another day?! All the other treatments sound interesting though.


Dianne said...

Interesting choices there; is that last choice a "two for one"?.....a reasonable explanation that makes all crystal clear?.....hmmm, can't fathom that being done to satisfy Nigel's need to know!....!perhaps a diversion would be best........Dianne

Mr.D said...

Do you tell him? No!!!
They may decide it is too expensive and decide on a DIY version all of their very own, involving hose pipe and a bike pump!

Anonymous said...

OH boyz - Oh Boyz - this blog post is why it is SOOOOO good to have you back. You set me up for a day full of giggles and happiness! JantheFan x