Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Darrell And Nigel, Budding Entrepreneurs?

Just below the kitchen window we have a perfect view of two fishing decks …….
watching the fishermen……. and yesterday I noticed that Darrell and Nigel were having what looked like a very deep and meaningful conversation while watching a couple of fishermen.
Fishing on the Avon 1Fishing on the avon
Now, when those two are in said deep meaningful conversation I know there may be reason to worry.  Then, I heard the words “bacon” and “sausage” and then a little while later “you ask him”.  With that I girded my loins (or lions).
A budding enterpriseIt seems that the pair of them have been planning a little entrepreneurial enterprise by offering bacon and/or sausage butties and a cup of tea, cooked local and fresh!  Nigel was to be the runner and nip down to the river bank  and casually enquire if they, perhaps, fancied said butties  or drink. He would then take their order, scamper back up the bank, back to the flat, where Darrell would be waiting to slam on the frying pan and rustle up a teabag or two!  But before they did, they needed to ask if I had any spare bacon and sausage going, oh and some bread!
IMG_9102What are they like?  Fortuitously, as it happened we didn’t, and none was scheduled on our next Tesco order, but I fear that I cannot assuage this idea without a long and bitter fight!


Di said...

Very enterprising indeed! Nigel will have to run fast to keep the food hot - or will the boys rig up a zip line for delivery purposes? And will they charge extra for ketchup? Questions, questions!


Di xx

PharmacyMichele said...

What a great business opportunity!!! Nigel's nibbles or Darrell diner possibly??!!


Pamela said...

Sounds a good idea on the face of it. But don't fisherman frown on any noise near them when they're fishing as it frightens the fish away?

Dianne said...

Sounds like they are great "idea men" who just need a little planning to make this business opportunity happen.....no doubt the river will spawn many ideas for making their fortune.....lots of busy days ahead for these two!.......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Think these two need to be on The Dragons' Den or at least twit - sorry I mean tweet - their ideas to https://twitter.com/PJFoundation

JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

P.S Boyz - do you know the whereabouts of Mr D - does he know you are back on form I wonder ? x

Mr.D said...

Hello JtF. I am back! Nice of you to ask. I posted last week but I am not yet back in the habit of checking every day, at 6 pm here in Mexico City.

Mention food hygiene, health and safety and the tax man. Maybe it will be enough to put them off.

marc said...

its manual work darlings let others do the running and cooking while you take on a mangers co position may you should leave it to monkey a monkeys mum as she has nothing much to do these days apart from shopping and doing lunch with the girls it would be good for her run it past her and see big show biz wave hugh