Sunday, 27 November 2016

Santa Comes To Town!

As you know, it is usually de riguer to only don our gay apparel on 1st December and not a second before, however yesterday we decided that we would break this time honoured tradition, and throw caution to the wind in honour of Santa, who was coming to town to switch the Evesham Christmas lights on……..
gay apparal ….. and to celebrate our first official Christmas as citizens of the town, it look most rude if a couple of us didn’t attend,  so I sent Darrell and Nigel to see what was happening.
looking for SantsThey got there early to get a good spot.
Here Comes Santa ClausAnd before they knew it, there he was, and as soon Nigel saw him he dashed past Darrell and pressed an envelope in Santa’s hand.  It seems that ever since we have moved Nigel has been worrying that Santa might still go to The Castle with our presents and then not know where we had gone, so just in case, Nigel had written him a letter to explain all, what is he like?
Santa's reindeerHe returned to Darrell, much relieved, and then confided that he had been a little surprised that Santa’s reindeer had been a bit whiffy  “I don’t know why,” he mused “but I thought they might smell more of cinnamon or gingerbread or even peppermint …….  but not poo!” and then pondered some more.
over and done with in a flashCandy Floss
However, not being one to dwell for too long, Nigel then dragged Darrell to  see what else was going on, there was Morris Dancing, festive music and a small market in the town square ……..
…….. and in the shopping centre Home Bargains and strange creatures to have your picture taken with.
Evesham High Steet Christmas TreeEvesham's Christmas Tree
Nigel and Darrell stayed in town until the Great Christmas Light Switch On, and enjoyed the fireworks after. They returned home a little chilly but happy, agreeing that although Christmas may have started a little earlier than usual for us (but then again, we are now living on Evesham time), perhaps it all boded well for a very promising Advent and Christmas Season!


PharmacyMichele said...

So much Christmas excitement so early. At least Nigel will be reassured that Santa will find him in his new home & can safely deliver all his Christmas gifts.


Dianne said...

Evesham does know how to welcome Santa! Cinnamon or gingerbread would be the perfect reindeer scent versus the real thing......many fun happenings already as the perfect start to the holiday season and there is no doubt Santa knows all about the new address......Enjoy every moment!.....Happy holidays, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz - you have already brought me joy this upcoming Festive Season - just by blogging again - I'm sure others will agree. Looks like you are going to have a fun Christmas. JantheFan x

Di said...

What fun! This is just a perfect way for Hank and Marvin to join in with all the pre-Christmas excitement - sat sitting here peering at the screen with me! So funny about Nigel, he's a little worrier :)

And goats stink even worse than reindeer - make sure you never, ever stroke a Billy Goat Gruff when out hiking. I did it years ago, in the days before we humans carried wet wipes with us. Stopped at every stream I could find but nothing would shift the rancid stench, Sheesh, can almost smell it now. It looked such a lovely chap as well peering through the five bar gate - obviously lying in wait!


Di xx

Mr.D said...

Have you got a chimney at your new abode?
If not, how will Santa get in?

marc said...

MR D santa has a magic key that can unlock and lock any door or window they do pong and do you know you must not feed them carrots their teeth are to soft for them to bite a chew elf and safty told me at the panto last year big his behind you shout hugh