Wednesday, 27 December 2017

A Wolverhampton Christmas

Let’s just say that being back within the bosom of our Wolverhampton family has been very, very lovely ………
…….. especially when being back within said bosom has included sitting at it’s most splendid and bounteous table.
It has be said that our Wolverhampton family really do appreciate good food ……. which as you know, so do we and as such we certainly gave an excellent account of ourselves in an appreciative appetite type manner …….
IMG_6261IMG_6262……. not being afraid to circumnavigate the buffet tables on multiple occasions!
We did offer to tidy up after the festivities, our offers were rebuffed, but I have to be honest, we were all rather grateful because by this time we were not moving as fluidly as normal, and Nigel’s loosened trousers were in serious danger of falling down, had he moved at speed!
In turn our "Sack of Tut" was very well received providing prizes for the many games we had to play. Sadly, Nigel narrowly missed out on the Pop Tarts he’d set his heart on after being one number away from festive Bingo victory ……..
  …….. but he still returned to Lu’s with a table of plunder after successfully Pinning The Nose on Rudolph with almost exact precision, gargling the complete Twelve Days of Christmas with Umbongo without stopping and peeling two satsumas and a banana with his hands tied behind his back ……. we were so proud!
Thank you our Wolverhampton Family ……….. it was a day we shall remember and talk about for years to come.
P.S – We have been past MotorWorld several times ……. but it seems that the knitted nativity is no more …… but thankfully, Nigel has told us that he is now well over it!


Mr.D said...

What a great spread. I am envious about the cheese, in particular. You can't get a good selection of cheeses in Mexico.

Nigel did well, with plenty of tut to bring back home.

What a shame about the knitted nativity, especially as Motor World in Bilbrook sent a message last December.

Dianne said...

That really was a festival of deliciousness that could not be passed by!.....snug waistbands are a small price to pay!......lovely the tut remains a favourite holiday must have......twinge of sadness about the knitted nativity but new times and new interests offer much to look forward to for Nigel and all at the Towers; it puts the joy in joie de vivre...Much Love, Dianne