Thursday, 28 December 2017

Special Presents From Mrs A, Norm and Sammy

One of our most special presents this Christmas came right out of the blue from Mrs A, Sammy and Norm, our friends from our Swindon Monkey Convention back in September.
……. which we have to admit to opening on Christmas Eve when we came in from lighting our Christmas lamp.
Inside their Christmas card was another card, with three very small parcels with our initials on attached……..
Darrell and I let Nigel unwrap his first …….. oh my…… it contained the tiniest Christmas pudding badge ever …..
…… and there was the same for Darrell and I, but each one was everso slightly different, let’s just say, it was an very emotionally charged start to our Christmas Eve evening ……..
It also goes without saying that all said badges have been primely positioned on each of our various Christmas outfits throughout the holiday and, I hasten to add, very much admired by all, we are truly, truly blessed!
Thank you soooooooo much Mrs. A, you are a very clever lady and thank you too Norm and Sammy for all the careful wrapping. – have a look for Mrs A hilarious elf posts …… her elf is sooooooooooooooooo naughty!


Mr.D said...


Well done to Mrs. A, Norm and Sammy.

Anonymous said...

Love brooches and badges - they are gorgeous Mrs. A. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

what a special surprise and super great packaging!......hoping for another reunion and we will all enjoy your sharing the good times with favourite friends; Merry Christmas good times with dear friends are the best!...Love, Dianne

Mrs A. said...

Were so glad you like your badges and we can't wait for the next reunion.
Hug MrsA, Norm and Sammy.