Monday, 18 December 2017

Darrell Dun Good

Darrell is now home, leaving Hugh packing ( ……well, his man that does anyway) for exotic climes, and, it has to be said that in Darrell’s absence Nigel has been admiring one or two festive bed arrangements on his mooches, wondering what Darrell would pull together for The Towers on his return  …….
IMG_5729 Let’s just say the boy done gud …… in fact, gud par excellence ……
……… going for, and I quote, “a little Scandi influenced affair”, featuring predominantly, a range of stags and/or reindeers in red, white and silver …….
…… with a few extra bits of twiddledry dotted here and there.  Darrell said that in some ways he felt that he had been a little more restrained than he could have been  ……….
…… it would have been soooooooo easy to have twiddled and fiddled and piled on the festive an awful lot more, as is permissible at Christmas, when subtlety is not a word to be used…….. but, it was also important that Nigel actually gets some sleep before the BIG day,  and trying to doze off surrounded by excess for Nigel would not really that conducive!
However, mindful that Nigel hadn’t been able to get to see if Motorworld had put their knitted nativity in their window this year due of the inclement weather, Darrell did resurrect his illuminated Santa tableau from last year to lift the little fella’s spirits, if they indeed needed any lifting, which, to be honest, I very much doubt.
It all looks very, very lovely …… Hugh has taught Darrell well in the art of dressing …… the scene is now set for a perfect Christmas morning!


Mr.D said...

Hopefully Nigel can get plenty of sleep between now and the 24th.

The illuminated Santa tableau looks great.

Dianne said...

Aah, so many choices to make the bed merry for this festive season! .....Darrell will surely choose just the right one.... after all, with Hugh's long time guidance, Darrell is now capable of stepping out on his own with a solo, fun, fun!.....Love, Dianne