Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Darrell Experiments With A Festive Cocktail.

Nigel and I have both been wondering about the chocolate reindeers Darrell has put in the kitchen with a warning of not to touch.
So it goes without saying that speculation as to their purpose has been rife between Nigel and I, but yesterday evening all was revealed, in a festively experimental type way….
It started with Darrell unwrapping and then carefully decapitating the head of one of the reindeer with the bread knife, as he announced he wanted to try a cocktail he had found on the internet on Nigel and I ……..
……. and well, it would have looked most rude if we had said we’d rather not, wouldn’t it?
Anyway, Darrell’s cocktail of experimental choice was a  Bailey’s Vanilla Silk, consisting of  an ample measure of Baileys, Vanilla Vodka and Amaretto, which he shock together like a demon possessed before asking me to pour it into the aforementioned decapitated reindeer body while he recovered!
The recipe didn’t call for it, but Darrell decided to top his cocktail with an ample and abundant swirl of squirty cream.
…… and then with the addition of a straw and a silver tasselled cocktail stick it was time for Nigel’s and my expert opinion……
…… with Darrell, like a new father, looking anxiously on.
Well, it was erm ……. quite potent …… but as I like to be honest with my opinion, although I liked it, I am not 100% sure about the squirty cream, and suggested to Darrell that he might leave it out but add a measure of single cream, which might make it a more comforting and moreish type drink, especially at the end of an evening, as sort of nightcap cocktail?
Nigel nodded in agreement, but I think he was more preoccupied in what was going to happen to the now empty reindeer and his separated head …… what is he like?
Darrell took our critique in good part, and with three other reindeer still left, he has plenty of room for more experimentation before the BIG day!


Mr.D said...

Looks very tasty. I agree with the suggestion about the cream.

P.S. Is Nigel old enough to partake in such alcoholic tests?

Mr.D said...

The blog for Thursday hasn't appeared. What is going on? The world must know.