Thursday, 21 December 2017

An Typically British Christmas Post For Dianne …… and Perhaps A Festively Homesick Mr D?

A special pre-Christmas post for Dianne, inspired when Nigel nipped into town last minute.
…. nothing evokes the Christmas spirit more in Evesham town centre ……….
…… than a group of lady Morris Dancers jingling bells and tapping their sticks merrily outside Sports Direct on a festive afternoon …….
……. not brilliant when you’ve sent Nigel out to fetch a couple of sprout stalks and a  pack of pigs in blankets from Iceland (the shop NOT the country) …….
……. so, thank goodness I sent Nigel out with a list, all this late yuletide distraction could have very easily sent him off on a tangent, bless him, and goodness knows what he would have bought back then!


Anonymous said...

HeHe - nothing better than getting distracted at Christmas! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

The smiling Morris dancers are having fun. I am more likely to want real ale and a good curry, myself.

Dianne said...

Making me feel so much better!...have been having my turn with a cold that has made me a coughing with more coughing sneezing sluggish lump (which means I can complain a lot)!..thank you very much for the pictures and so LOVE these Christmas celebrations and the continuity that is comforting; always look to British Christmas festivity to make it all as it should be .....very happy to see the current celebrations and the Christmas spirit out in full!...Christmas Love to all, Dianne