Saturday, 23 December 2017

It's Finally Time To Write Our Letters To Santa

Last night was our most favourite night of yuletide, the night when we all sit down to write our letters to Santa.  After much consideration and deliberation, mind changing and then changing back again, it was finally time for us to commit to paper.
The excitement at The Towers was both palpable and tangible and vice versa. Darrell went first, asking Santa for something of a David Beckham, male grooming/fragrance type nature. As you know, Darrell’s appearance is very important to him and the thought of exuding just a whiff of said Mr Beckham was just too tantalising an opportunity not to politely ask for.
I went next, as Nigel was still very much thinking………..
I asked for some new pillows for my bed as my old ones have gone a little flat and lacking in that certain comfort that at my age I greatly appreciate after a long day of babies and Nigel and Darrell!
And then, last but not least, Nigel, who I think, as per usual, had done the most cogitating and shape shifting mind changing, before finally deciding to leave it to The Great Man himself, by simply asking for an adventure to call his very own, and then embrace whatever Santa left him ……. a brave request from the little fella, but also a very exciting one!
Once our letters were written and put to the side for Darrell to post in the morning all that was left to do was settle down to a festive hot chocolate with squirty cream and sprinkles and a dollop or two of marzipan stollen, nom, nom, nom ……
…… before turning in …… perchance to dream …….


Mr.D said...

I hope the smell of David Beckham isn't one from at the end of a hot, sweaty football match.

Great call by young Nigel - wise beyond his years.

Sleep, perchance to dream. “To die, to sleep – to sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there's the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” From Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Anonymous said...

Exciting times! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Always satisfying when that all important letter is done!..... lovely treat after all that hard work; it can be downright mind bending!......learn so much from Darrell; had no idea D. Beckham had a scent/fragrance line!.....with carols filling the air and tasty treats piled high, we all are on our way to the Big Day!.....sending Christmas greetings to all, much love, Dianne